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Summit Search and Rescue offers the community demonstrations, safety awareness programs and visits to schools, libraries, churches, police and fire departments. Community programs are always provided at no cost. DONATIONS ARE GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED.

Contact us at the email address below to schedule your programming needs. We make every effort possible to meet your request.


  1. Ihave recently purchased a female puppy and would like to have her trained in some kinda field but undecided in what. live in Pennsylvania and haven’t seen to much to offer. Do you have any ideas??


  2. I was curious where you all were located? I saw Merit received a life saving award at the VBSAR event that was held this past May in Middleburg, VA and thought you may be close to that area. I live about 30 minutes from Middleburg in Rappahannock County Virginia. I have a 1 year old bloodhound that has been training to be a mantrailer and am always looking for new opportunities and people to work with to further his training. I am currently traveling about 4 hours each weekend to train and thought you may know of some training opportunities closer. I plan to attend the VBSAR event in May 2019 with my bloodhound as well. I have lots of training logs for my dog and the tracks he has run. We are doing advanced tracks in all types of terrains, in the woods, crossing highways, using distractions, unknown runners etc. I am just having a hard time locating anyone anywhere around me that has a bloodhound training to be a mantrailer that I could work with.


    • Hi – sorry it took a bit to get back to you. Email me at I am an Instructor for VBSAR but live in PA – I can share your email with closer instructors or you can contact Laurie Swain – contact info on the VBSAR website.


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